Learning with mobile technologies.Teaching approaches and systematic change management issues.

On Wednesday, January 11th, 2012, Klaus Rummler (Uni Bremen), Luise Ludwig (Uni Mainz) and me (LMLG) held a small workshop at the BETT 2012 show at Olympia, London. This is the description of the workshop, contents (links to resources and presentations) can be found below.


Workshop description

This workshop (II) will aim to introduce practical approaches and solutions to teaching and learning with mobile technologies. The focus of the three central case studies under discussion will be to make suggestion for Achievement for All practitioners who are supporting at-risk learners:

  • teaching approaches, systematic change management issues
  • benefits and challenges of bringing tablets (such as iPads) into schools
  • learner-generated videos and community platform specific solutions for at-risk learners.

The short presentations will be followed by open discussions where participants are invited to provide their own experience and to raise questions which will be discussed with other on-site and on-line participants.

Invited experts who will introduce the themes are: Judith Seipold, MirandaNet Fellow (London Mobile Learning Group), Klaus Rummler (University of Bremen) and Luise Ludwig (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz).



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Common slides (Klaus Rummler, Judith Seipold, Luise Ludwig) Bett12 common slides

Slides (Judith Seipold) Presenation BETT2012 Judith Seipold

Video (Judith Seipold)

Judith Seipold at MirandaMod BETT 2012 from Social Media for Schools on Vimeo.